Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I miss him..This song always reminded me of John. I have worked on the house all day. And I am getting ready to start cooking tomorrow. My heart is not in it, but I am going to do it for my kids. They need me to cook and try to make things as normal as possible.

That in itself is a gift. To not show sorrow when all I want to do is stay in bed until Christmas is over. It floors me, Christmas. It was his season. He loved the Christmas music and all the festivities that went along with it.

But I am going to do this for the kids. Wishing you all a lovely Christmas and sending you love.

xoxo Nita


Annette said...

My lovely friend, Your John would want you to do this as well, o honey I wish so badly that I could do something to take your pain away, I'm glad your making your self do something for others, your John maynot be here in physical world, but he's right beside looking over your shoulder while you cook, I can almost guarantee it! Merry Christmas to you my friend and always remember, we may be states apart, but I do care.

whitey said...

You are doing the best that you can right now, and I think that everything you are feeling is normal. Doing things for others is the best therapy in the world when you seem like nothing is right for you you can always help someone else and make a difference. Remember when you spoke to that person at a restaurant one day and wished him Happy Birthday?? You truly reached out to a stranger that day, and made him feel valued? May you find some peace this Christmas.