Wednesday, December 17, 2008

This is an artist named Ari Hest, the song is: Bird Never Flies.
I had only heard about him a few months ago but I love, love his voice. It is as smooth as honey.

Comforting to the soul...

I have been working on the house and working on a story. I have thought a lot about poetry lately. I need some good poetry books to read. I saw a poet I want to learn more about. I have her name written down somewhere... I am going to the library tomorrow to check out some of her works.

Poetry has always been dear to my heart, I have written books full of poetry but have always been way to shy to post any of it. I began to write it in grade school.

My surgery is rapidly approaching and I am having more peace about it. I have dreamed about John the last two nights. It was comforting. Some days I get really down after I have dreamed about him. But today I tried to stay positive.

The hardest part of it all is the loss of his presence. The complete total knowing that I will never see him here again. That is brutal. After being with him for 22 years, it is hard to accept.

This song reminds me of him. He was not a person to give up on me easily. He actually never gave up on me..He always said he took the marriage vows seriously and that anything could be worked out. I agreed with him. But there were tough times in our marriage, just like anyone.

But I had the assurance of his love. That is missed.

I hope you are all having a good week. Does everyone have their tree up? And their cookies baked?

xoxo Nita


Anonymous said...

I love poetry! I used to write, started in gradeschool as well. Oh please, please post some of yours. Be brave.

Also, will you send me your surgery date? I want to put it on my calendar as a reminder to pray.

Sending love your way,

Donna said...

Loving you Sweetie!! Yes! The tree is up...BUT...haven't done the baking yet!!! Bad Me!!lolol...And You???

Nonnie said...

i found that after my mom passed, it grew harder as time went on....because of the reality of her not actually being here....i continue to pray that you will find comfort, the celebration of the love that you both shared...even with the sadness it brings.
the tree is almost done....but the baking is waiting! :)
happy season friend..

Annette said...

PLEASE post some of poetry!!! PRETTY PLEASE......... I admire anyone who can poetry, I can barley write a blog let alone poetry! your talents amaze me, please you can resend me your address by e~mail, and when is surgery again? I love you!
tree up, no baking, and no shopping yet, come to California and go with me, we'll leave my husband at home...just us 2 and coffee some where, or tea. sounds so much fun uh?

A bird in the hand said...

Just wanted to say I'm thinking of you. I'm mostly working...

Donna said...

Just checking on you!!!! Merry Christmas!!!hughugs