Saturday, June 6, 2009

I did bad yesterday with my diet.. Mom came over and was really down. She told me that I should just quit having faith. Her words affect me so much. She has been out of church for a long time and she has changed for the worst.

I am fighting hard to be strong, but her words just tear me up. I love her very much, but most days it is hard for me to be around her because of her negativity.

Then I overate all day.

Today I wasn't around her and did so much better.

I know what my triggers are, now, I have to learn how to deal with them. My oldest sister and I are going to start praying everyday together. I know that will help. I will not give up. And I will lose the weight I need to lose. I will keep having faith and I will forgive Mom because I love her. Please say a prayer for her.. She is overwhelmed and almost lost her faith. And Please say a prayer for me to know how to deal with her.

xoxo Nita


Annette said...

My Sweet Friend,
I'm sorry to hear that, and your sister are doing the right thing by praying, Lord says "When 2 or more are gathered in my name I am there" and with all of us praying he'll surely hear us, just be persistent about it. I know you wont ever lose your faith, its brought you through so much, and that dang ol'Satin wants us to lose our faith, and he brought your mom over to say things like that because he knows it hurts you, just DEMAND that he leaves, and remind him you ARE a child of God.
I love you and will diffidently say a prayer for your Mom and you.
With Love Always~

tattered lace diary said...

Thanks Annette, I know it is the devil trying to make me down. Most of the times he uses those that are the closest to us to discourage us. I just don't know how to turn Mom off. My sister is better at it than me. I know God will help me with it. He is good to me.
Love Nita

The Feathered Nest said...

I'm so sorry your mom is saying these things to you and affecting you so ~ the wonderful thing is Nita that you are recognizing this fact and taking praying for her and realizing what's going on. I wonder if you were to ask her directly if her parents made her feel bad about herself, or maybe her husband did...she apparently needs building up herself...because she tears you down to make herself feel better. You're getting stronger each and ever day sweet Nita, I can just see it! xxoo, Dawn

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Dawn, Her Mom was mean to her. they never had a good relationship.
My Mom is very much like her Mom.

I know where she gets it from but some days it is so hard to take her. On those days I just try to avoid her. It is better that way.

It is funny how much you can love someone, but they also can drive you crazy.

xoxo Nita

Nancy said...

Sometimes when people hurt others, it is because they need love. When you give love you recieve it--sometimes it takes a while, but in the mean time you feel good about yourself.
When you need faith, help others find it--and it will come to you as well.

Blessings :) and good luck with the weight, be healthy.

Amy said...

Be strong my friend. You can do it!!

Maija said...

RUN from people that don't support you! It's hard enough dieting, you don't need someone beating you down. When you are feeling strong and secure, then go back to your relationship!
Also be sure that you are not using that as an excuse to eat.

Patti said...

Don't give up on you Mother. She obviously needs help to bring her back to the Lord. You and your sister are doing the right thing by praying. Maybe you could get her to go to church with you.

Hang in there with your diet. It is hard but after awhile it will be automatic to really look at what you are putting in your mouth and also watching the content of all your food. You can do this and you will feel better. Drink lots of water too.
God Bless You my sweet friend

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I am a first time visitor to your blog. I have been reading all of your post. You sound like such a wonderful person. Please do not let anyone cause you to doubt your faith. I lean on mine each and every day. It is what gets me through. Without it I would not cross the next bridge. I will visit again soon...Prayers...m.

Irene said...

NEVER give up praying for her and for yourself, and you are so lucky your sister will pray with you. I could only wish... I prayed for my sisters for years and I mean years to reconcile and quite honestly was almost giving up and then wham out of the blue it happened. I now give thanks for prayers answered.

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